The Department of Communication and Image is subordinate to the Administration and is entrusted with the responsibility of projecting the positive image of ISCED, internally and externally, creating a healthy and lasting relationship with every target audience, based on the institution’s mission, vision and values.


To the Office of Communication and Image, they guide the following objectives:

  • To create ISCED’s global integrated communication policy, reinforced by the good image reputation (internal and external);
  • Ensure the production and dissemination of academic, scientific, pedagogical, artistic, cultural, sporting, social and civic events that contribute to a good reputation of the institutional image;
  • Define the marketing image of the ISCED website, embodied in digital marketing strategies for capturing and converting students;
  • Produces news of academic and strategic interest to the objectives of the institute and guarantees its publication in different communication channels;
  • Produce dissemination materials appropriate to the achievement of the objectives set out above;
  • Ensure bilateral contacts with Media;
  • Provide media counseling to establish mutually healthy and enduring relationships with Media;
  • Edit Newsletters periodicals, internal and external circulation of relevant news about ISCED;
  • Promote socialization campaigns among employees.



  1. The Communication Department exercises its competences in the field of promoting the image identity of ISCED, as well as internal and external communication, including:
  • Define, apply and monitor the overall image of the Institution, in close coordination with all existing management units in ISCED;
  • Define communication and image policies and strategies;
  • Ensure the management and dissemination of content in the various systems available at the institution;
  • Ensure the application of the institution’s visual identity;
  • Clipping (collecting, cutting, treating, disseminating to the superior unit hierarchical, all news about ISCED, transmitted in different media, allowing its strategic analysis and decision making);
  • Streamline internal communication through specific programs of mutual and healthy relationship between employees;
  • Ensures the production of all graphic material and allocates to the units in need;